General Article I was bullied out of my job. Lockdown is a chance to end toxic work culture

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What does it say about our creative industry that so many people have a story of being bullied in the workplace?

By Sue Higgs, advertising creative director, writing in Campaign magazine

I’ve been in this industry for many years and for much of that time I’ve harboured a secret. I recently posted an article on LinkedIn in which I shared my very personal, traumatic experience.

I was bullied out of my job at a big agency nearly a decade ago by a man in a senior position there. Before leaving my job, I was close to having a breakdown. Even though I complained about his abusive behaviour and asked for help, nothing was done and he continued to work at the agency for many years after I left.

While I was working with this person, I was systematically broken down, sidelined and made to feel worthless. Every day, he would ask me why I bothered coming into work and told the account people that I was useless and warned them not to work with me.

I wasn’t the only one he bullied. HR had a huge ...

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