General Article Illegal adoption: is it human trafficking?

Topic Selected: Child Rights
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This week, 382 babies were rescued and 1,000 people arrested in a Chinese sting operation against four illegal adoption rings. In January, a Chinese doctor received a suspended death sentence after her conviction for abducting and selling seven babies between November 2011 and July 2013. At least 26 other cases have been linked to this doctor, and several other people are also in criminal detention.

Illegal adoption is especially prevalent in China, as a result of the government’s one child policy and a cultural preference for male children. Of course China is not the only country where illegal adoption occurs. A recent Al Jazeera article highlights orphanages in Nepal deceiving parents and putting children with families up for adoption. A US citizen is facing trafficking charges in Haiti this week, a situation reminiscent of the American missionaries accused of removing Haitian children from the country after the 2010 earthquake. All of these children had at least one parent livin...

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