Immigration cap fails to reduce numbers coming to UK

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By Ian Dunt

The immigration cap appears to have had no effect on the number of people coming to the UK, with a 20% rise over the last year.
Official figures showed net immigration jumped to 239,000, although a reduction in the number of Brits leaving the country contributed to the figures.
‘These figures reveal the gulf between the Government’s rhetoric on immigration, and the reality we see in the official figures,’ said Shabana Mahmood, shadow Home Office minister.
‘The Government is not being honest with the British public. They have shown a keen interest in hyperbole around immigration, doing everything they can to make it a party-political issue, but they are busy further eroding trust in government’s ability to manage it.’
The Government intends to cut annual net immigration down to ‘the tens of thousands’ by 2015 and tried to achieve this by limiting skilled workers from outside the EU.
This appears

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