Immigration 'could cost social housing £25 billion'

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MigrationWatch UK published a study today which it says shows that, if government projections for immigration and housing need in England stay the same, 45 extra social homes would have to be built each day.
The group is basing its research on the Government’s 25-year projection of household numbers from 2008 to 2033.
It is also assuming immigration figures stay on course.
The group argues that 20 per cent of migrant house-holds currently live in social housing and say that 415,000 extra social homes will be needed in total.
MigrationWatch UK say that with average funding of around £60,000 per each social housing unit, the final bill would be around £25 billion.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of MigrationWatch UK, said: ‘The impact of immigration on the availability of social housing for British people has been airbrushed out for too long.
‘Either the Government must cut immigration very substantially as they have promised or t

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