General Article In defence of animal experimentation

Topic Selected: Animal Rights
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How did a small, fairly insignificant group like Animal Aid manage to make a big splash this week on the alleged horrors of animal experimentation? Not because it is influential or powerful in its arguments, but because society feels queasy about vivisection. At a time when the authorities and even medical researchers seem unwilling to stand up and make an unequivocal case for the importance of animal experimentation, groups like Animal Aid are empowered to spread doubt and suspicion.
Animal Aid’s campaign is a rehash of the same old anthropomorphic, misanthropic arguments: mice are being ‘tortured in water mazes’, zebrafish are being ‘mutilated’, pigs are being ‘sacrificed’ all for no real reason except seemingly to satisfy the perverse pleasure of sadistic medical researchers. The reasons given by Animal Aid for a financial boycott of four charities that benefit from animal experimentation – Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Societ...

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