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Many of our respondents see Google Street View as an extremely useful tool, but some feel uneasy about its alleged breaches of privacy, objecting to the actual photographing of streets as well as to allegations of Google’s collection of other private data, responses to our question on the issue have shown.


Many respondents were specific about how they use the interactive map

‘I use it to work out tricky routes’

‘I like to see where my family abroad lives’

‘I use it to check out B&Bs before going on holiday’

‘I use it to look at properties to buy or rent’


‘It’s an excellent concept and very useful’

However, some respondents were concerned about just how private Google’s data gathering is, amid revelations earlier this year that ‘Google cars’ touring countries for images unintentionally gathered data including passwords, snippets of emails, email addresses, text or even the website page that the WiFi user may have been viewing at that moment, through unsecured WiF...

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