General Article Insects are ‘food of the future’

Topic Selected: Environment and Sustainability Book Volume: 368

Research from the University of Leeds, in England, and the University of Veracruz, in Mexico, concludes shoppers have to get past ‘ick factor’.

By Amy Murphy

Edible insects could be a solution to avoiding a global food crisis if consumers can overcome barriers such as the ‘ick factor’, a new study has found.

Insects are an environmentally sustainable food source, with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to meat production, the report published in the Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety journal revealed.

But attitudes towards eating insects and current farming techniques and technologies need to change if edible insects are to become a common food source, researchers from the University of Leeds and the University of Veracruz, in Mexico, said.


The report found that edible insect cultivation remains rare in Western countries, where eating insects is still considered u

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