General Article Is a plant-based diet best for the environment?

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While there’s no doubt a plant-based diet is, overall, better for the environment than a meat-based diet, eating vegan isn’t completely flawless.

From exotic fruit and veg that clocks up air miles, to nuts that use eye-watering amounts of water, there’s more to being plant-based than just giving up meat and dairy.

This blog will explore all sides of the vegan diet, addressing both the pros and cons of veganism and how to enjoy more environmentally-friendly conscious food.

Why is eating meat bad for the environment?

Despite some criticisms surrounding veganism, it’s generally accepted that meat is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to our individual carbon footprints.

The meat industry generates a high level of dangerous greenhouse gases, from methane produced by livestock to the carbon dioxide released during deforestation for farming.

Beef produces the most greenhouse gases. The UN also estimates around 14% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions come from the livestock in...

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