Is it time we legalise doping?

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Following the Russian doping scandal, Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova, Justin Gatlin and other high-profile athletes, the topic of doping is dominating sport and poses a significant threat to its integrity. However, once we accept the fact that doping has always been a part of sport and that it may be impossible to completely eradicate, is it time to consider the idea of legalising doping?

The history of doping

Doping has existed in one way or another for as long as the Olympic Games have, stretching as far back as 776 bc. The term ‘doping’ stems from ‘doop’; a drug used by the Ancient Greeks to enhance their sporting performance at a time when doping and match fixing was considered acceptable. The first rules against doping in sport were made as late as 1928, when the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) banned doping for all of their athletes. Since then, improved procedures and technology to test per

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