General Article Is left-wing or right-wing extremism more of a threat to Britain?

Topic Selected: Terrorism Book Volume: 425

Right-wing radicals are seen as the more threatening than their left-wing opponents, but Islamic extremists are still seen as posing the biggest threat.

It has been reported that the government is ordering an investigation into both left-wing and right-wing extremist groups. The latest YouGov research shows that, of the two, right-wing extremists are more likely to be seen as a threat than their left-wing counterparts.

Some three in ten people (31%) think that right-wing extremists pose a 'big threat' while 23% say the same for left-wing extremists.

Among voting groups, respondents typically saw extremist groups at their end of the political spectrum as less of a 'big' threat, and those on the opposing end as more serious. For example, Labour (46%) and Lib Dem (49%) voters are twice as likely as Conservatives (22%) to see right-wing extremists as a 'big threat', while the Conservative perception of the threat posed by left-wing extremism is nearly three times greater than that of L...

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