General Article Is privacy dead in the age of the internet?

Topic Selected: Internet Book Volume: 371

The advent of the internet has given us so many amazing things, but it has also given governments and companies more ways than ever to gather information on people. Data privacy is big news at the moment and a lot of companies like Facebook have come under fire for the way that they are using the data they collect.

Governments are plagued by accusations of election tampering and the general public are beginning to demand more data privacy. The problem is, the technological revolution happened so quickly, legislation was lagging behind and a lot of companies had free rein to do whatever they wanted with your data.

Your average person doesn’t always have a full understanding of what data they are giving away and how it is being used, and this has only started to become clear in the last few years.

Governments are beginning to listen to people’s concerns about online privacy and there is some legislation in place to protect you online and give you more

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