General Article Is sleep deprivation ruining your university life?

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We’re all aware of the effects insomnia has on those who suffer from it – a chronic inability to get little or any sleep that can last entire lifetimes, ruining mental and physical health.

Not many people realise, however, that sleep deprivation can be far more subtle, with ill-effects building up over time to cause severe health problems.

The standard advice is to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night; most of us are guilty of getting less than that though!

University students will relate to this all too well. The stereotype of students sleeping all day and studying or drinking all night won’t apply to everyone, but it’s likely that most students will be staying up late and getting up early for lectures on a regular basis. Along with part-time jobs and nights out throughout the week (particularly during your first year!), there’s little chance to establish a good sleeping routine.

It might seem like you’re getting enough sleep, but in fact you’re simply becoming used to the...

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