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British Muslim identity and loyalty

Can you be British and Muslim? The answer is a resounding ‘YES’.

Some years ago this was a debate within Muslim communities, particularly as first-generation migrants to this country felt culturally displaced from the countries of their origin. But for second- and third-generation people of Muslim heritage, Britain is their home. True, they may visit Pakistan, Bangladesh or other countries, but usually as holidaymakers, businessmen or to visit extended family, in the global village that we all now live in.

Increasingly, we have seen the presence of Islam in Britain take on a more ‘British flavour’ and this is something that the Islamic Society of Britain has been keen to nurture. Since its inception in 1990, the Society has been at the forefront of discussions to evolve a British Muslim identity. That journey may not be complete, but at least we can now see a community that is largely comfortable with its presence in our country and appreciativ...

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