General Article Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime

Topic Selected: Religion
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This summary divides our preliminary research findings into three categories: anti-Muslim hate crime; Islamophobia and discrimination; and responses and recommendations. We will produce full research findings in 2011 and beyond as we develop our research on this topic throughout the decade.

Anti-Muslim hate crime

The major part of our report introduces research findings in relation to intimidation and violence experienced by members of Muslim communities in the UK. It is based on over 12 months’ close engagement with Muslim communities in the UK by a small team of researchers. In addition, some of the researchers have been engaged with the issue during the preceding decade.

The most significant findings derive from victims’ first-hand accounts of violent crimes committed against mosques, Islamic centres and Muslim organisations; against Muslim women wearing hijabs, niqabs or burqas; and against Muslim men wearing distinctive Islamic clothes, in each instance offering compelling e...

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