General Article ‘It was a case of heat or eat’: Seven women explain why they want pension age dropped to 60

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‘I cannot go out or use my gas as I cannot afford the cost. I live on bread and jam. I watch TV in the dark as I am frightened of having my electricity turned off, again,’ says Julia Holland, 65.

By Maya Oppenheim, Women’s Correspondent

Almost four million women were affected by the controversial state pension age rise from 60 to 66 for women born after March 1950 – with the United Nations previously warning they are at increased risk of ‘poverty, homelessness and financial hardship’.

While BackTo60, a campaign group calling for full restitution for women hit by the state pension increase, lost its landmark High Court battle after taking the government to court over the pension hike, they are appealing the ruling on Tuesday.

The Independent spoke to women up and down the country who have been directly impacted by the state pension overhaul.

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