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The super rich

  • The top 1% earn £118,027 or more per year. (Source: BBC).
  • In Bristol some of the top 1% are paid out of our council tax. (Source: Bristol Evening Post)
  • In Bristol, many of the Merchant Venturers will be part of the 1%.
  • The top 10% now have 100 times the wealth of the bottom 10%. (Source: Hills Report)
  • The top 10% earn 4.1 times the incomes of the bottom 10%, with the top 1% earning more than ten times that of the bottom 10%. This figure was 3.1 in 1961.
  • The average CEO earns 250 times more than the average cleaner.
  • Levels of social mobility in the UK are the lowest among all developed economies.
  • There are more than 50 hedge fund managers among Britain’s richest 1,000 people. (Source: Sunday Times Rich List)

Bank bail-outs
The Bank of England estimates that the total cost of bailing out the financial system is £1.3 trillion, or more than ten times the entire NHS budget. The UK bank bailout accounts for about one-third of the global banking bailout.

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