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By Anahita Alikhani

We see from the map of Britain that it is an island separate from the rest of Europe, made up of four countries. It's about one-fifth the size of Iran, with a similar population. The island is naturally green, sometimes an intense emerald green when the sun casts an occasional pitying glance.

Contrary to what Iranians believe, the British are mostly straightforward, loveable, warm and kindly towards others. They are, or at least seem to be, patient and polite. They like walking and wait patiently in traffic; they give way, they do not quarrel in the street or race cars or cut in front of other drivers or get in a state when they lose their way in town. There is no hurry. I have yet to see anyone hurrying in a bank or shop or hospital. They always seem to have time to queue patiently till it's their turn.

In Iran you see few elderly people out and about, but here old men and women are everywhere, well groomed, enjoying themselves. In Iran they must be content to s...

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