General Article Letting children be children

Topic Selected: Sexualising Society
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Theme 1 – the ‘wallpaper’ of children’s lives


  • We are all living in an increasingly sexual and sexualised culture, although it is far from clear how we arrived at this point.
  • Many parents feel that this culture is often inappropriate for their children and they want more power to say ‘no’.
  • Some parts of the business world and sections of the media seem to have lost their connection to parents and this is compounded in some new media where there is limited regulation.
  • Where regulation does exist, regulators need to connect better with parents and encourage businesses to comply with the ‘spirit of the regulation’. Where regulation does not exist, businesses need to behave more responsibly.


What we would like to see

That sexualised images used in public places and on television, the Internet, music videos, magazines, newspapers and other places are more in line with what parents find acceptable, and that public space becomes more family-friendly.



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