General Article Lodgers for Codgers: what happened when millennials and boomers tried to house share

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A new reality show crosses the generational divide in an attempt to solve the housing crisis. Rosa Silverman talks to a duo of participants.

There’s a problem with housing in Britain. More than two thirds of over-65s have at least two spare bedrooms in their homes. Meanwhile, many millennials struggle to get on the property ladder, with the average house costing about eight times average earnings. Millions can’t even afford the rent to move out of their family homes. 

In a new Channel 4 reality show called Lodgers for Codgers, over-60s with room to spare take on cash-strapped under-30s as lodgers. In a five-day experiment (carried out before coronavirus hit the UK) young and old try living beneath the same roof.

Here, Claudine Eccleston, 66, and Nicole Moukatas, 27, reveal what they learned about how the other half live when Nicole moved in as a lodger.

Claudine Eccleston, 66 

“My husband Ted and I are not extravagant people. We are lucky enough to own a four-bedroom art deco house ...

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