General Article Making Misrata safer with MAG: clearing unexploded ordnance in Libya

Topic Selected: War and Conflict
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A year ago, Libya was in throes of a violent conflict. Now, a fragile peace and normality is beginning to return. 15-year-old children like Mohamed can play with a football in the streets of Misrata again.

But Mohamed was playing with something much more dangerous this time last year – part of a rifle grenade that had landed near his house. He picked it up off the street thinking it was safe, but it exploded in his bedroom. He lost most of his left hand.

Mohamed is one of a growing number of people in Libya who have fallen victim to unexploded ordnance (UXO) – grenades, land mines, rockets and ammunition – all grim remnants of the conflict which gripped the country for much of 2011.

High levels of abandoned and dangerous UXO still litter the towns and roads where fighting took place. Without professional disposal and adequate understanding of the dangers many people, especially children, remain at risk of serious harm.

‘Children are particularly attracted to 23mm bullets as they...

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