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  • For every three victims of partner abuse, two will be female, one will be male.
  • One in six (17%) men (aged 16 or over) and one in four women (30%) will suffer domestic abuse in their lifetime. This equates to around 2.6 million men and around 4.5 million women. 5% of men and 7% of women were victims in 2010/11, a ratio of 42% men and 58% women.
  • In terms of partner abuse, 3.7% of men and 5.8% of women stated they had been a victim in 2010/11, with 1.0% of men and 1.5% of women stating they were a victim of severe force from their partner – 40% men and 60% women.
  • 44% of stalking victims in 2010/11 were male.
  • 21 men and 95 women were murdered by a partner/ex-partner (classified as the key suspect) in 2009/10. This equates to one man every 17 days.
  • The most prevalent age group for male victims is 25–34, where 3.7% of men stated they were a victim of partner abuse, compared to 1.7% of 45- to 54-year-old men. 3.6% of 16- to 19-year-old men and 3.0% of 20- to 24-year-old men said th...

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