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There are many misconceptions about marijuana which range from the unusual to the potentially dangerous. This article aims to dispel those myths and shows you the reality behind these.

Myth 1: Marijuana is a harmless drug

Fact 1

Small doses or short-term use is unlikely to cause harm but heavy doses or long-term use can lead to addiction. It can also cause physical and psychological damage and worsen existing mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.

It is not as dangerous as heroin or cocaine but, nevertheless, it does have the potential to cause long-term problems.

Myth 2: Marijuana has never killed anyone

Fact 2

Whilst that is correct there have been cases where someone has died in an accident due to being under the influence of marijuana.

Myth 3: Marijuana is not as dangerous as tobacco

Fact 3

Wrong. Marijuana smoke contains chemicals, toxins, tar and carcinogens which are harmful and increase the risk of cancer. In fact, the level of carcinogens is often higher ...

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