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I need to eat meat to get iron

Wrong! Iron is plentiful in plant foods. Baked beans, chick peas, breakfast cereals and green vegetables are all good sources and it is also found in red wine and dark chocolate! Drink a glass of orange juice with your meal as vitamin C helps your body absorb iron even more efficiently.

I must eat fish for omega-3 essential fatty acids

You do not need to eat fish to get omega-3. Other sources include plant oils, such as flaxseed, rapeseed and hemp, and these, unlike fish flesh, do not contain pollutants, such as mercury and dioxins, from the contaminated seas. Other good sources of omega-3 include nuts and seeds (especially walnuts); green leafy vegetables and grains.

I need meat to get vitamin B12

Many vegetarian foods are fortified with B12, including breakfast cereals, margarines, yeast spreads and soya products. Only a small amount (3 micrograms) is required from fortified foods per day, or 10 micrograms from a daily supplement.

I need to con...

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