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Being pregnant is a big life event and it is natural to feel a lot of different emotions. But if you’re feeling sad and it’s starting to affect your life, there are things you can try that may help.

Things you can try to help with your mental health


✔️ talk about your feelings to a friend, family member, doctor or midwife

✔️ try calming breathing exercises if you feel overwhelmed

✔️ do physical activity if you can – it can improve your mood and help you sleep

✔️ eat a healthy diet with regular meals

✔️ try to attend antenatal classes to meet other pregnant people


❌ do not compare yourself to other pregnant people – everyone experiences pregnancy in different ways

❌ do not be afraid to tell healthcare professionals how you are feeling – they are there to listen and support you

❌ do not use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to try and feel better – these can make you feel worse and affect your baby’s growth and wellbeing


You may find that some apps can help your mental healt...

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