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Do migrants add to economic growth?

Yes. But they also add to population. The Prime Minister recently claimed that growth would be nearly 0.5% per year less if there was no net immigration. The correct figure is 0.4% and immigrants add 0.25% to the population every year. So the benefit is only 0.15% per head per year - a trivial amount compared to the extra congestion involved.

Do migrants account for 15% of economic growth?

Trend growth is 2.75% per year. 0.4 is 15% of 2.75 so this is the same claim - it takes no account of the extra population.

What is wrong with a 'managed migration policy'?

Nothing. But, in reality, it is not managed. Nearly nine out of ten asylum seekers remain in Britain, even if they are refused. And 1.5 million visas are issued every year yet there are no checks on departure. David Blunkett has admitted publicly that 'he hasn't a clue' who is in Britain . The Government must put in place the necessary tools to be able to manage migration - notably, embarkat...

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