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More households are renting their homes privately in England than living in social housing for the first time since the 1960s, government figures show.
Meanwhile, the proportion of households who own their home has slumped to its lowest level in 25 years as the private rental sector has boomed, the English Housing Survey 2011-12 showed.
The figures reflect the strong levels of demand in the rental sector as many people have found themselves locked out of home ownership in the tough economy.
Some 17.4% or 3.84 million households were living in the private rental sector last year, compared with 17.3% or 3.80 million renting from councils or housing associations. The vast majority of households are home owners, making up 14.39 million, but at 65.3% of households this is the lowest proportion recorded since 1987.
The survey also found an increase in the proportion of households within the private rental sector which are classed as overcrowded, meaning that the number of bedrooms is not enou...

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