Most think UK population 'too high'

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The release of the survey coincides with a major international symposium on human population growth and global carrying capacity, organised by UCL and the Leverhulme Trust, being held in London this week (25 and 26 May).
The survey, commissioned by Population Matters, also found that over four out of five (84%) thought the world population was too high, with over half (53%) thinking it was much too high. However, there was little awareness (1%) that the world population currently grows by 70 to 80 million a year, indicating the current lack of discussion of the issue. Nearly four out of ten (37%) said they didn’t know, while one in three (33%) thought it was ten million or less.
Nearly two out of three (65%), rising to almost three out of four (72%) in the south, thought that the UK would be a better place to live in if it had fewer people and almost half (47%) thought that their personal quality of life would be better if their area had fewer people. Of those who expre

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