Mothers and money

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By Eliza Slater

Developing-world mothers, too poor to feed their families, are increasingly finding work abroad and sending the fruits of their labour to the children they will not raise.
Their payments, called remittances, are a significant part of an unofficial global aid network worth $325 billion last year. That’s three times the size of official foreign development aid spending, according to an article in The New York Times.
The women who choose this life aren’t just redefining the foreign aid landscape. They are also redefining motherhood, says The New York Times.
Across the world, millions of mothers have made this sacrifice for their children – forgoing a life with them in the hope of ensuring a better life for them. These women venture far, often into the uncertain world of undocumented domestic work that in effect keeps them hostage in their host countries.
And yet, in spite of the hefty financial contribution and personal toll, remi

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