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Some people love to save money but if you’re not one of those people don’t worry. Saving isn’t as hard as you might think, and there are many benefits to having a pot of savings.

Why should I save?

1. It’s wise to have some money put aside in case life doesn’t go to plan. For example, being made redundant, needing to replace a broken boiler, or if the car you bought with your savings needs some pricy repair work. 
2. So you can buy and do really fun things, like have a holiday, buy a car, or get together a deposit for your first home. Holding back on that round of drinks and putting the cash into your account instead could give you lifelong memories or your own roof over your head.
‘Saving for a goal or achieving some kind of ambition is much simpler,’ says Lee Chiswell, head of savings at Barclays. ‘It’s harder to save for a rainy day but it’s still important to put money aside for one.’

How do I save?

There are lots of different savings accounts which, in themselves, offer mot...

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