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Just how far will anxious drivers go to avoid joining the motorway? More than 600 million miles, if the last year is anything to go by.
During that time UK drivers used the AA’s online Route Planner to devise more than five million routes specifically to steer clear of motorways. The routes, weaving under, over and alongside busy multi-lane roads, averaged over 125 miles each. Stretched end-to-end they would extend around the world 24,000 times.
Though motorways are statistically the UK’s safest roads, they are a source of fear for millions of drivers, including many who avoid them altogether. And, as families across Britain embark on another wave of holiday journeys, an AA/Populus survey1 reveals that nearly one in ten AA members (9%) believe they would benefit from refresher or confidence training on motorway driving.


AA Driving School’s head of driver development Mark Peacock says:
‘There is much evidence that motorways are our most feared and avoided roads, yet statistica...

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