General Article Mum dresses toddler up as a prostitute for beauty pageant

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A ‘pageant mom’ dressed her three-year-old toddler up as a PROSTITUTE for a beauty competition. The little girl, Paisley, can be seen on tomorrow’s episode of Toddlers and Tiaras taking off Julie Roberts’ streetwalker character from the film, Pretty Woman.

In the video on, the toddler is dressed in a clinging Lycra dress, wig, full make-up and thigh-high PVC boots, in scenes that will sicken many parents.

One appalled mum – whose own daughter was competing in the same pageant – goes on camera to express her shock, saying: ‘I would never, ever do that to my little girl. Ever!’

The show faced a barrage of criticism last week when a four-year-old was shown dressed as Dolly Parton, complete with fake breasts and padded out buttocks. Some outraged viewers have even set up Facebook groups condemning the programme and calling for it to be taken off air.


7 September 2011


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