General Article Net migration to the UK reaches record high of half a million, ONS estimates show

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More EU nationals have left the UK than arrived in the past year, the first negative figure since 1991.

By Holly Bancroft

Net migration to the UK has reached a record high, with 504,000 more people arriving into the UK than departing in the past year, new ONS estimates show.

It is also the first time since 1991 that more EU nationals have left the UK than arrived. Net migration of EU nationals is minus 51,000 for the year up to June 2022, new estimates show.

Total immigration to the UK is at its highest level since ONS started recording the statistics in 1964 – with 1.1 million people arriving in the past year.

Net migration is also at its highest level since records began. The last time net migration to the UK was close to these figures was during the fall-out from the Syrian war in March 2015, when the number was 331,000.

The increase is driven by a rise in the number of non-EU students coming to the UK, and also by hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan and H...

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