General Article New film ignites the dangers of third-hand smoke

Topic Selected: Smoking and Health
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Alarmed at the fact many people are unaware of the adverse effects of the habit, University of Sunderland student Satyajit Roy has made a film and it is now on show at the University’s MA Design Degree Show 2013.

The 26-year-old was inspired to make the film, Breath of Addiction, after he encountered third-hand smoke himself due to his asthma condition. The Masters student, from India, has a passion to educate people about health and safety in his films. He hopes more people can now understand the dangers of smoking in the company of others.

Third-hand smoke is created by tobacco smoke lingering after a cigarette has been extinguished. It is called ‘third-hand’ because it is created once second-hand smoke has disappeared. It particularly clings to fabrics and people can be exposed to particles through inhalation, ingestion or skin contact.

Third-hand smoke is thought to be particularly dangerous to young children because they are more likely to crawl on the floor and eat from the...

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