General Article New research exposes the lack of real participation opportunities for disabled young people

Topic Selected: Disabilities
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The VIPER research, carried out by a group of 16 disabled young people, looked at their participation and involvement in decision-making and the barriers that prevent them from having a say.

The young researchers worked in partnership with the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE), the Children’s Society, the Council for Disabled Children and the National Children’s Bureau Research Centre. 

Their findings highlight how disabled young people are systematically excluded from sharing their views on the services they rely on and use every day. This is despite numerous initiatives to promote disabled children and young people’s participation in local decision-making. Many of the young disabled people involved in the research feel local participation opportunities are, at best, tokenistic.

Rebecca, a young disabled VIPER researcher, said: ‘If more services took account of young disabled people’s views in decision-making we would have better and more effective services. Currently yo...

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