General Article New survey reveals young people are unaware of STI risks

Topic Selected: Sexual Health
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The survey, which was part of a wider project looking into young people’s attitudes towards sex and alcohol for, also revealed that one in three (29%) of respondents caught an STI after a night of drinking and 62% of respondents who had unprotected sex didn’t go for an STI test afterwards.

Dr Ranj Singh, an expert in young people’s health said: ‘It’s alarming to see such relaxed attitudes towards condom use amongst young people, but more importantly indicates that there’s a significant lack of awareness of the risks associated with contracting STIs.

‘Figures for the number of young people infected with STIs are at record highs and this problem is not going away, so it’s absolutely essential that we look at ways of ensuring young people are clear about the facts.’

Other results from the survey showed that over a third (36%) of respondents had obtained emergency contraception after a night of drinking, 58% had kissed or had sex with someone they wouldn’t normally fancy ...

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