General Article Nuffield research shows 8.8m Brits have done no exercise in the last 12 months

Topic Selected: National Health Book Volume: 392

By Tom Walker

  • A new study from Nuffield has highlighted the impact of lockdown on exercise habits
  • 8.8m have done no exercise in the last year
  • 73 per cent of Brits are failing to meet NHS exercise guidelines
  • A third say their physical health is worse than it was a year ago

Nearly three in four (73 per cent) Britons are failing to meet NHS recommendations on exercise, as a result of successive lockdowns leading to the formation of unhealthy habits.

In addition, there’s evidence of a growing mental health crisis, as 41 per cent of Brits say their mental health has become worse in the past year.

The figures come from The Nuffield Health Healthier Nation Index, launched by the healthcare charity, which is based on a comprehensive survey of more than 8,000 Britons.

Nuffield says the study offers one of the most detailed looks at the nation’s health since the start of the pandemic.

The Index reveals that, on average, a third of Britons (33 per cent) agree their physical health is worse n...

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