General Article Obesity in the UK: analysis and expectations

Topic Selected: Food and Diet
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Scale of obesity in the UK – an overview.

The Foresight report (2007) concluded that half the UK population could be obese by 2050 at a cost of £50 billion per year. However, upward trends in obesity levels suggest these conclusions could be optimistic and could be exceeded by 2050.

The current state of the UK is set out separately, but it is useful to provide a brief overview of the situation in order to establish the context within which existing policies and initiatives can be assessed.

Research by the Health & Social Care Information Centre has demonstrated sharp and substantial increases in obesity levels amongst adults and children between 1993 and 2011.[1] This has not only included Body Mass Indices (BMI) within the overweight and obese ranges, but also an increasing number of individuals with raised waist circumferences. These finding should be taken very seriously in any event given their source, but are backed by separate studies

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