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Topic Selected: Human Rights
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By Hannah Thompson and Krista Campbell

Almost half of British adults believe that in some circumstances, British security services could be justified in using information obtained under torture elsewhere, compared to just over a third that this would never be acceptable, our survey on the subject has discovered, as allegations of Libyan rendition by MI6 continue to surface. Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were welcomed yesterday in Libyan rebel stronghold Benghazi, as they sought to re-establish diplomatic relations with the nation state.

  • 46% of British people thought that there were some instances in which British security services could be justified in using information from other countries which has been obtained through the use of torture.
  • 34% decided that there were no circumstances in which this would be acceptable.
  • 19% said they were unsure.

Allegations of rendition

The results come amid recent allegations in light of the ongoing si...

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