General Article Our complete calendar guide to periods and the menstrual cycle

Topic Selected: Fertility and Reproduction Book Volume: 387

By Dr. Daniel Atkinson

The menstrual cycle is a fundamental part of life for all women but it is a topic which often goes undiscussed.

Many may have questions relating to the links between conception and the menstrual cycle, but be hesitant to ask their regular GP.

Why are periods sometimes inconsistent? What can affect them? Is there are a time of the month where it is harder or easier to get pregnant?

To help those who may be unsure, below we have supplied a helpful calendar guide to the monthly menstruation cycle, along with some answers to a number of regularly asked questions relating to menstruation and conception.

Menstruation calendar

Day 1

Signified by the first day of your period when you experience a ‘bleed’.

This is triggered by a drop in the progesterone hormone when the body recognises that fertilisation of the egg has not occurred. The endometrium must be renewed in preparation for a new egg.

Days 3-7

Bleeding usually stops around this point. A number of eggs in the o...

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