General Article Over one in five UK Children view 'inappropriate content' on their smartphones

Topic Selected: Sexualising Society
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The investigation into the mobile web behaviour of eight to 15 year-olds in the UK found that 2.8 million or 25% of UK children aged eight to 12 have smart-phones, and more than one in five of those children admitted to accessing websites that they know are ‘not for them’. However, answers to other questions in study indicate that this number may be higher with 87% saying they know that they do not have parental restrictions on their mobile phones.

Other possibly interesting stats are that the number of children watching ‘online videos or video clips’ on their mobile phones has more than doubled from 15% in 2008 to 36% in 2011. Carphone Warehouse says this makes it the second most popular online mobile activity, behind playing games.

It is unclear what exactly is meant by ‘inappropriate content’ and what the breakdown of that content would be, e.g. how much of it was 15+ certificated films (not likely to be high on smartphones) or other violent videos or games is completely unreve...

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