General Article Overtourism: tackling the curse of too many tourists

Topic Selected: Travel and Tourism Book Volume: 365

By Emma Nolan

Continuously developing an understanding of the ECO issues most affecting our planet, the next step on our educational sustainability journey is to discuss one of the latest additions to the Oxford Dictionary.

Overtourism: ‘the perceived overcrowding of an area from an excess of tourists, resulting in conflict with locals’

Living in a world full of tourists who love to travel, explore and discover, did we ever stop to think about what impact our travels were having on the rest of the world?

What pushed tourism over the edge?

Alongside the rise of Instagram and its many image-based companions, the world of travel is now diluted with images of perfect beaches, picturesque trails and relaxing retreats not to be missed. In the tourist hotspots of Mallorca and Barcelona, they’re even discussing the negative impact of the UNESCO’s listing of World Heritage Sites. The argument is that although it works to

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