General Article Overtourism: the problem with too much travel

Topic Selected: Travel and Tourism Book Volume: 365

By Caitlin Casey

In Paris, you’ll find a mass of queues to go up and down the Eiffel Tower; in London, don’t bother hitting up the London Eye unless you’ve booked; in New York, you’ll be barging people out the way to make it to the middle of Times Square. It’s no surprise that popular cities are a tourist’s haven, but places like Phuket and Venice which were once remote and rural have now become packed with picture-taking and souvenir selling just as bad. So, what is this ‘overtourism’, and how detrimental has our travelling become?

You may have heard the word flung about in news articles and it had a steep increase of interest on Google towards the end of 2017; ‘overtourism’ refers to saturated areas of the world where the influx of tourist crowds has become so bad that they disturb the local community and environment.

Many cities throughout 2018 have had to address the overcrowding with som

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