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I met Jason when I was in my early 30s. What attracted me to him was how charming he was. He was really nice to me. But now, looking back, I can see that all of the signs were there.
He began to get more and more controlling. He would call me all the time and if I wanted to see my friends he would start an argument so I wouldn’t go. When my friends came over he was rude to them – he even threw one of them out of the house. If I was on the phone to someone he’d be shouting in the background.
He started to put me down all the time. He would criticise everything about me – my clothes, my friends, my weight. I become so timid. He could manipulate me so easily – I lost all my confidence. It started to affect my work, I lost so many of my friends. I wasn’t happy any more.
After we got married we moved to a new town and I thought it would be a new start and things would change, but they just got worse. A month after the wedding he hit me for the first time – so hard I had to go to hospital. H...

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