General Article People who think they love drinking coffee may just be addicted to the caffeine kick

Topic Selected: Addiction Book Volume: 410

Coffee drinkers come in various forms. There are those who down a cup of instant once a day just to wake up, and then there are those who grind their own beans and take an interest in which dark roast from Colombia has notes of blackberry and chocolate.

We all know someone – or perhaps we are someone – in the latter camp, who loves coffee like a hobby. It’s part of their identity; if they were in the market for a partner, it’s the sort of thing they’d put on their Tinder profile. They drink the stuff until nightfall, and will slip out of a meeting or away from their family on holiday to hunt down the best flat white in town. They just love the taste.

However, a study has found that while heavy coffee drinkers may crave it more, they may not necessarily actually like coffee to any greater extent.

Nicolas Koranyi at the University of Jena, Germany, and colleagues found that heavy coffee drinkers want coffee a lot more than they like it. The implication is that they drink it mostly or ...

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