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The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were a unique opportunity for sharing positive messages about disabled people, which led to an upswell in positive public attitudes and perceptions of disabled people.

The clearest example of this opportunity for positive images about disabled people is the scale of coverage and support for the Paralympic Games. Channel 4 provided unprecedented levels of television and multi-media coverage of the Paralympics designed to challenge perceptions of disabled people. More than 500 hours of coverage were broadcast across all platforms, 350 hours over the stated target and four times more than from the Beijing Paralympics in 2008. It included 16 hours of live coverage every day and 1.3 million live streams online. The coverage reached an unprecedented share of the audience, and achieved record viewing figures. Almost 40 million people – more than two thirds of the UK population – viewed the Paralympic Games on TV.1 Overall, 25% of all TV viewers watche...

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