Poverty, evictions and forced moves

Topic Selected: Homelessness

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There has been a rapid increase in evictions over the past 12 years, and especially of ‘no fault’ evictions from the private rented sector. This project explores why this has occurred, and the impact these have had on the lives of tenants who lose their homes.

This Findings report was updated on 3 August 2017 to use updated and backdated data from the Ministry of Justice bulletin ‘Mortgage and Landlords Possession Statistics in England and Wales’.

By Anna Clarke, Charlotte Hamilton, Michael Jones and Kathryn Muir

Key points

  • In the past 12 years, the rented sector as a whole has grown by a third, and the number of tenants being evicted from their homes has grown by a fifth: 7,200 more tenants lost their homes in 2015 than in 2003.
  • The number of tenants evicted by private landlords exceeded th

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