General Article Prioritise the right battle first: not Islamophobia, but racism

Topic Selected: Racism
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The title isn’t exactly brilliant I know because it immediately suggests that one battle is done at the expense of the other. I don’t mean that at all – of course we should be doing everything we can against all forms of xenophobia and discrimination, but certainly we do need to reassess our priorities as well as perhaps temper slightly our obsession with all things being Islamophobic.

Racism is always in the headlines, everywhere you are in the world and not just Western or non-Muslim countries. But we obviously concentrate on those areas where we have the biggest chance of bringing about change, and of course that would be the countries which we are citizens of. The last few months have seen the issue of racism ratchet up with the charge against former England football captain John Terry capturing all the front and back pages of the media, a story given new significance when he was cleared of criminal charges but then charged a few days ago by the Football Association, and the pl...

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