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Many – perhaps most – people who use cannabis do enjoy it. But it can become a problem for some people. A US organisation, marijuana–, defines the problems of cannabis as follows:

‘If cannabis controls our lives and our thinking, and if our desires centre around marijuana – scoring it, dealing it and finding ways to stay high so that we lose interest in all else.’

The website carries the following questionnaire – which could equally well apply to alcohol use.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, you may have a problem.

1. Has smoking pot stopped being fun?

2. Do you ever get high alone?

3. Is it hard for you to imagine a life without marijuana?

4. Do you find that your friends are determined by your marijuana use?

5. Do you smoke marijuana to avoid dealing with your problems?

6. Do you smoke pot to cope with your feelings?

7. Does

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