General Article Quitting smoking is linked to improved mental health, research finds

Topic Selected: Smoking and Health Book Volume: 406

People who stop smoking may experience improvements in their mental health such as reductions in anxiety and depression symptoms, finds research carried out in collaboration with the University of Birmingham.

Led by the University of Bath, in collaboration with the Universities of Birmingham, Oxford and New York, the Cochrane Review found that those who quit smoking are not likely to experience a worsening in their mood long-term, whether they have a mental health condition or not.

Published to coincide with No Smoking Day 2021, the research also found that people’s social relationships are unlikely to suffer if they give up smoking.

Smoking is the world’s leading cause of preventable illness and death. One in every two people who smoke will die of a smoking-related disease unless they quit. However, some people still believe that smoking reduces stress and other mental health symptoms, and that quitting might exacerbate mental health problems. Some people who smoke also worry that...

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