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What is racist bullying?

Racist violence, harassment and abuse are closely related to, and sometimes difficult to distinguish from, bullying. Racist bullying in schools can range from ill-considered remarks, which are not intended to be hurtful, to deliberate physical attacks causing serious injury.
Racist bullying can be identified by the motivation of the bully, the language used, and/or by the fact that victims are singled out because of the colour of their skin, the way they talk, their ethnic grouping or by their religious or cultural practices.
In most contexts, it is mainly people from black and minority ethnic communities who are subjected to racism, but concern has also been expressed about prejudice against other groups including English people and travellers.
The word ‘bigotry’ is often used to describe the attitude of some sections of the population towards members of certain religious faiths, e.g. those with Roman Catholic or Protestant beliefs. This may also be the trigg...

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